Charlottesville, VA Carpet Cleaner Referral

A referral for a carpet cleaner in  Charlottesville, VA was needed!

We were recently called to help find a carpet cleaner in Charlottesville, VA from one of our customers. Turns out that they were re-locating to that area. Calling us for the referral was a great idea! You see – many of us carpet cleaners network and swap tips and ideas both in person and on the web.

Since we ourselves are a professional cleaning outfit – we can always tell if other cleaning companies are on top of their game by the tips they give and the topics they post and answer. we were more than happy to refer them to a great cleaning company in Charlottesville.

we simply sent them over to tidy guy – they hired them (after checking out their great reviews). we then received a call from our customer thanking us for the tip!

So, if you are moving or know of a friend or family member that needs a local cleaner – call your own carpet cleaner and ask – chances are that they know somebody!

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